Friday, September 30, 2016

Sign Design: Don’t Go it Alone!

Did you know we offer professional graphic design services on all of our products? That’s right! Buy one of our trade show display products and we can design it for you for $65/hour.

Logo or no logo? 

We can recreate logos or help you create your logo from scratch!

Our design help focuses on choosing what’s right for you:

  • Colors 
  • Typography 
  • Layout 

We just need your company name or logo, any photos you want to use, and your body copy to get started!

Get graphic design services! 

  1. Get a Free Estimate. 
  2. Add it to your order. 

Basic designs take 1-2 hours!

Call us or email us today! 
(888) 748-7446 or

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Back to School, Back to Basics

It’s that time of year already...back to school. And what does that mean? Busy, busy with extracurricular activities! Let’s see, we have school sports and after-school clubs. PTA fundraisers and Fall Festivals. School plays and school car washes. Football games and homecoming.

Sounds like signs for days, right? Well, since we’re back to school, let’s get back to basics. Promote with signs that don’t break the bank!

The good news is that all you need is a simple hem & grommet banner to promote your school event. It’s a sign that you can roll up and take to go, or leave up for a while.  What’s more is that graphics on this material are printed with UV cured inks, making long-lasting impressions and preventing color-fading from the strong sunlight.

So, get a custom banner (“sports banner”). Choose our textured outdoor material - 13oz Scrim Vinyl - that’s only $7/sqft.

Simply, select hem and grommet finishing if you plan to zip tie your banner onto a chain link fence. Other finishings we offer include: cut to size, pole pockets and velcro.

Ready to let people know what’s going on at school? Help others get the most out of their school experience, and order a custom banner today!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

New Popular Big Displays. Filling the 30 Foot Gap.

Sometimes you need a large display, but perhaps it’s not large enough to keep its portability, its easy setup and its light weight. You have to go custom. You don’t wanna go custom.

But what if I told you we have a super easy fabric pop up display that is 30 feet wide?

And it fits into one, I repeat, 1 travel bag! It’s only 65 lbs. Geometric accordion-like frame has plastic hooks attached that clip together to secure. Fabric comes attached, (though we recommend you remove graphic for long-term storage), and stays put with Velcro. Convenient in travel mode, in setup mode, and in takedown-storage mode—fits into a small space!

Let’s take a closer look at some pictures and setup video below!

Here is the frame expanded completely. Very simple.

Here is the frame with fabric graphic. Endcaps are shown.

One person sets up the 30ft RPL in the setup video below. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to comment or for fast service, call customer service at (888) 748-7446 or chat us live on the website! Thanks and have a great day!

Friday, May 27, 2016

New Advertising Umbrellas!

An Umbrella Story

My aunt drinks beer, sometimes. She likes bitter and hoppy flavors. Pale Ales, Pilsners. One day, as she was walking up to a restaurant for lunch, she noticed an umbrella with an advertisement for “Duvel” on the front patio. It piqued her interest, having never heard of Duvel.

Once seated, she asked the server about it. She found out it is a Belgian Strong Pale Ale. Perfect! She’ll take one. She tried it. She loved it. She drank it all.

A few years after, she still loves to drink Duvel, sometimes. She even bought a fancy Duvel chalice for drinking the beer at home. All because of an umbrella with an advertisement. Fancy that!

New! Skycap Umbrella  

Show to let people know with the new Skycap Umbrella! The Skycap Umbrella is available in 2 canopy shapes: Square and Hexagon. Hardware is composed of a steel pole, aluminum runner, stretcher and ribs and a plastic hub. Canopy fabric material is water-resistant and edge-to-edge graphic print is UV-cured.

Here is what the Hexagon shaped Skycap Umbrella looks like as a graphic package with added square iron base. Iron base is not included as you might not need it if you have a table fit for an umbrella pole. Display size is 8 ft in diameter with a 7.5 ft height.

Here is the hardware only picture of the Hexagon shaped Skycap Umbrella sans iron base. The pole is steel, the top parts are aluminum and the black parts are plastic, as aforementioned. Lifetime warranty on hardware.

Graphic only replacements are available for the Hexagon shaped Skycap Umbrellas. Each UV graphic canopy is custom edge-to-edge and printed and sewn onsite. Graphics have a one year warranty.

Here is what the Square shaped Skycap Umbrella looks like as a graphic package with added square iron base. Slightly larger with 2 less sides than the Hexagon, Square shaped display size is 9.2 ft in diameter with a 7.5 ft height.

Here is the hardware only picture of the Square shaped Skycap Umbrella. Again, the pole is steel, the top parts are aluminum and the black parts are plastic, as aforementioned. Lifetime warranty on hardware.

Graphic only replacement for the Square shape has the same qualities as the Hexagon shape canopy.

Tell and show people what you have to offer using the Skycap Umbrella. You never know what marketing strategy will pull people toward you. What will be your umbrella story?

In the comments below, feel free to share of a time you bought something because of an advertisement.

Friday, March 25, 2016

'Tis the Season to Pop a Tent

As the snow melts into Spring (well, not here because we never have snow to begin with), you leave home a little lighter not because you ate an Activia Probiotic Yogurt for breakfast instead of eggs and bacon (which you did because you ran out of eggs and bacon), but because your winter jacket and scarf stay hanging in your winter closet. Delightfully taking in the fresh, warm air as you walk to your car, you can see birds flying back home, stark trees taking back their green hues and dirty asphalt making its indifferent reappearance. As you fiddle for you car keys, a swirl of gnats enter your personal space. Waving your hands in front of your face to swat them away, your neighbor spots you from a distance, unaware of the gnat attack. You lock eyes, so you turn your jolting hand movements into a wave and yell, “Beautiful weather, ain’t it?” Your neighbor replies, “Ain’t isn’t a word.” You smile, then duck into your car to mimic him while you drive off to work.

Well, your neighbor may be a regular Oscar the Grouch, but that’s because of your use of slang and his lack of personality. Trust me, your neighbor DOES think it’s beautiful weather. And you know what beautiful weather means? Patio season! It’s time to take out your wicker, wood, plastic and fabric furnishings and set up shop. How exciting! There’s nothing like hanging outdoors, sipping on some ice tea and hanging with friends while you enjoy the view.

Sure, being under the sun is fun, but you can’t be under sun exposure for too long without some sort of sun protection. Remember to wear a hat or some sunglasses and to use sunblock. Seek shade under trees, umbrellas and patio covers. Another popular way to seek shade is to set up a temporary walk-in tent. Many folks use our Casita Canopy Tents for parties, fairs, contests, and other outdoor marketing purposes to provide cover from the sun rays. And you know what else? We have a very new Casita product!

Introducing the Casita Canopy Steel, with the same UV printed graphic canopy top.  

As you can see from the pictures, the steel Casita (above) is almost exactly the same as our UV aluminum Casita (below). The major differences between both Casitas are the metal types, the leg shape (steel Casita has square legs whereas the aluminum has hexagonal legs), and the steel Casita is slightly heavier and more dense. You may like aluminum because it is lighter. You may like steel because it is a stronger and less susceptible to dents. Either way, for both types of Casitas, we use a water-resistant material and UV cured inks for your custom graphic print.  


If you have additional questions about our Casita Canopy Tents, please chat us live on the website or call us at 888-748-7446. We are happy to assist you! Everyone at San Diego Sign Company hopes that you have a wonderful Springtime before we head on into Summer! 

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

EZ Fabric Counter New Additions

Displaying with front entry counters will make your exhibit inviting and attentive to guests. Set it further back in your area, and the counter can be a meeting place like how people naturally congregate around a kitchen counter inside a home. Whatever your idea of use for a counter, we will now have even larger ones to fit your most ambitious ideas. 

Coming soon! EZ Fabric Counters are going to get some bigger company with 3 NEW displays - TRIPLE, QUAD, and QUINCE EZ Fabric Counters, Curved-style. Available for purchase now, we have 1 Straight single unit and 3 Curved units: single, double and S-shaped. New EZ Fabric Counter products will be available for purchase soon, but for now, here's your sneak peak

Easy to set up with a few screws and wingnuts to connect frames together, simply zip the custom-printed, edge-to-edge fabric graphic around the entire frame. Units are singular, as you can see in the hardware only pictures directly below. Tubular framing is aluminum and has a lifetime warranty. Graphic prints, as you can see in the pictures further down, have a 1-year warranty. The last 2 pictures are a couple of accessories: Acrylic top that is included and makes it useful as a counter and the wooden shelf inserts that are available at an extra cost. 
NEW! (Above) Hardware setup for the EZ Fabric Counter Curved - Triple.

NEW! (Above) Hardware setup for the EZ Fabric Counter Curved - Quad.

NEW! (Above) Hardware setup for the EZ Fabric Counter Curved - Quince!

EZ Fabric Counter Curved - Triple. (Top) Front View; (Bottom) Backside View.

EZ Fabric Counter Curved - Quad. (Top) Front View; (Bottom) Backside View.

EZ Fabric Counter Curved - Quince. (Top) Front View; (Bottom) Backside View.

(Above) Frosted Acrylic Counter Top piece for each unit of each counter included. 

(Above) Wooden Shelf inserts for each unit of each counter available for extra cost
Unzip fabric graphic on backside to gain access to this shelf when in use.

We hope you look forward to the new products we are adding. Be sure to check back in for when we do add the latest additions of the EZ Fabric Counter Curved frames. Have a great day! Thank you for choosing San Diego Sign Company.  

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Aspen Onyx: What's There to Know?

In an effort to describe our products a bit more, I am going to highlight a new or different product each month. As an avid online buyer - who isn't these days, am I right? - I understand that it's hard to tell what the product is like by simply looking at a picture online or even by reading the description. Product descriptions may not be thorough enough for the questions you may have. Anyway, after reading this and learning more, if you still have questions, please feel free to address them in the comments, and I'll be sure to answer. Also you can use our online chat or call us at (888) 748-7446.

Alright! Now that we got some housekeeping out of the way, let me ask you: do you enjoy the world of Fabric Frames? Never heard of them? Well, Fabric SEG Frames are a big thing in the signs & displays industry right now. Oh, you don't know what SEG means? Sorry about that - I’m getting ahead of myself! SEG stands for Silicone Edge Graphics and is used on fabric material only. Moreover, there is a special type of frame made especially for SEG graphics.

You see, there is a thin strip of silicone that is sewn onto the entire perimeter of the graphic. To be compatible, the frame has a thin trough within its edges. To install, SEG fabric is pushed into the trough, thus creating a seamless picture that is perfectly “wrapped” by the frame. We are very particular about the type of fabric we use for SEG because we want to avoid a wavy or warped print, since it does need a little stretch to install tautly. Currently, we use a nice satin fabric that has a one-directional stretch, making prints look nice and straight. An extra bonus is that satin fabric has a wow-factor type of color pop. And that just sounds fun!

So let’s talk about the Aspen Onyx, a relatively new SEG frame that only comes in black-coated aluminum (as opposed to the typical silver.) Here, to the right, is a picture of the two feet wide by eight feet tall graphic package. The Aspen Onyx extrusion (AKA each edge of the framework) is double-sided, meaning it has that SEG trough on both sides of the extrusion. This is a free-standing display, so we offer it double-sided only because it looks soooo much better with a graphic on each side. The Aspen Onyx is available in 12 sizes (2-5 feet wide and 6-8 feet tall), weighing between 27lbs and 49lbs, respectively.

Here is the Aspen Onyx, again two feet wide by eight feet tall, frame only. Those silver corner thingys are steel L-brackets. Each corner needs two - one on the front and and one on the back. With a 3mm allen key, you just tighten the screws, allowing the the extrusion corners to securely come together. Also, each tightened screw is pressurized by a thin, steel plate within the frame, preventing screws from going through frame. It’s just how it’s made. But it’s a very simple setup.

So then, we have the rectangular black steel base which allows this to be a free-standing display. (It’s actually the same steel base we use for the EZ Extends, by the way.) You can see there's a tiny hole on the left side, and there's one of the right side too. This is where you insert a bolt from underneath. Simply, find the matching holes in the underbelly of the frame and then tighten into place using the allen key. On the backside of the base, it has an oval hole that acts as a handle. This base alone weighs between 10-22lbs, depending on the width you buy, so the handle is really helpful whenever you have to carry it during setup.

Now that you know more about the Aspen Onyx, here are some new adaptations coming soon to purchase on The frames and graphics are exactly the same - we are simply giving you more base options to choose.

Introducing the Aspen Onyx T-Leg! Here, to the left, is the 3 feet wide by 8 feet tall graphic package using the NEW T-Leg. The Aspen T-Leg will be available in 6 sizes (2-3 feet wide by 6-8 feet tall), weighing between 23 lbs and 29 lbs, respectively.

And here, to the right, is what the Aspen T-Leg frame only looks like. You may ask, “I already bought the Aspen Onyx, but I like the T-Leg better. Can I buy just the T-legs?” The answer is not really. Although we will accommodate your needs because we’re cool like that, the frame needs to be drilled in two spots on each side. Thus, we will be selling the frame with holes already existing and will perfectly line up with the holes on the Aspen T-Legs.

Here is a closer shot of what I mean about the holes. You can see there are two bolts per side. On the inside of the frame - which will be hidden by the SEG fabric graphic - you simply tighten by hand each bolt, using a wingnut.

Casters! Maybe you want to be able to roll your display around as you please. You don’t want to have to carry 29 lbs or whatever weight. It might be awkward for you, and that’s okay. That’s why we are offering upgradeable caster wheels for the Aspen T-Leg. Sold as a 4-pack, simply pull off each existing floor pad of the T-Leg and pop on the casters in their place. Voila! Now you’re “rollin’ with the homies”. (Yes, a “Clueless” reference.)

And here is a plain ol’ picture of the T-Leg by itself.

Lastly, we are going to offer the Aspen Onyx Square. To the right is a picture of the graphic package. Aspen Square will only be available in one size due to the size limit of the base. This base may look familiar to you as it is the same base (but only in black) as the Indoor Sign Display #2 Heavy Base.

Here is the frame only. With a base width of 22 inches, the Aspen Onyx frame dimensions will be a little less than 2 feet wide by about 6 feet tall to fit as shown. Again, there are two drilled holes on each side, needing bolts and wingnuts to secure. You may ask, “Are the frames for the T-Leg and Square interchangeable?” The answer is no because the drilled holes are in different spots in order to perfectly line up with the corresponding holes in the leg or the base.

For all these Aspen Onyx variations, all bolts, wingnuts and allen keys are included with every purchase of frame only or graphic packages. A bag is not included, however we can offer upgradeable options if a carry bag is desired. Please inquire. I hope this was informative. Have a great day!