February 12, 2014

Double Down on a Double-Sided Display

If you’re thinking of choosing a double-sided display, take heed before you buy; know where you are planning to place it. While you plan out your display construction, there are a few options you might consider. Let San Diego Sign Company help to broaden your outlook on whys and ways to use a double-sided display.

Why order a double-sided display? Well, of course, the obvious—it can be seen from either direction, depending on which way you’re walking by. When you’re out next time, notice that double-sided retractable banner stands are commonly placed at mall kiosks, store entrances, on sidewalks, and in lobbies or reception areas. Any open space is quite conducive for double-sided signage. What’s cool, too, is that you only need one frame to display either two different images or one image seen in either direction, giving you more bang for your buck.

Another reason is for a fresh look at a two-day event. This works especially well with a larger frame, like any backwall. Check out our lines of Aspens, Mammoths, EZ Tubes, Ready Pops, or RPLs to start brainstorming. What you can do is get two different graphics, one for each side. Showcase one image on the first day, and for your next exhibiting day, simply take your backwall and turn it around. Exhibitors from the day before might even notice something different and come back to ask you what’s up? It might be helpful to know, too, that the more repetitions, spaced out over time, aids memory. In business, the more your name sticks with someone, the more likely they’ll think of you next time. In the words of Martha Stewart, “It’s a good thing.”

Instead of the options aforementioned, maybe you’d prefer to use a double-sided display as a separation wall, while still showing your company’s advertisement or message. Before deciding if this is the display construction you imagine, please be aware of rules and regulations at trade shows as every venue is different.  

Whether you’re torn between two graphics, but don’t want to purchase two displays, or you don’t have the room for two displays, or you don’t have the money to purchase an extra display, choosing a double-sided display is a helpful solution.

By Victoria Rodriguez

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