February 20, 2014

What's Your Order Number?

When you are ready to upload your graphics, the upload file form requires you to type information including your order number. So where can you find your order number? Two places: (1) After you submit your sales order, you will see the page reload with a confirmation number; that is your order number. (2) On your confirmation email, you will also see your order number. Just a tip: write down your order number directly after you place your order.  If you’re absolutely unsure about your order number, you can always call to ask a sales associate to help you locate it.

Occasionally, customers think to upload graphics before placing an order, or they assume that that is how to place an order. Going directly to the upload graphic file form requires an order number at which point poses a problem for customers because they haven’t actually received an order number yet. Not knowing what number to put, sometimes customers make up a number. Or sometimes customers use an order number from a previous order because they want an exact duplicate order. Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way—every order is given a new number.

Here is a quick reference for San Diego Sign Company’s order of operations:

  1. Select your product(s) then proceed to checkout, fill out necessary information and submit payment. (You must do this step even if it is the exact duplicate order from before).
  2. Download correct template(s) and adjust your artwork accordingly. (Need more info regarding templates? Read Template Temptations.)
  3. Now upload your graphics by clicking on “Upload File”.

As aforementioned, on the graphic upload file form, you will be asked for the order number. Please enter the correct 5-digit number here as this helps us match your product order to your graphic file.

Also, if you are close enough to either our Carlsbad, California or Harrisburg, Pennsylvania location for pick up, please have your order number ready. This is the most efficient way for us to match you with your product.

By Victoria Rodriguez

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