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No More Restocking Fees!

As part of our continuing effort to learn and develop, San Diego Sign Company is happy to announce that we will no longer be charging any fees for restocking products!  
We have received some complaints about our 15% restocking fee.  But, we listened to your complaints; we take it as constructive criticism. We like to evolve the company according to our customer needs and wants.  And, we want you to know that we’ve changed because of what you said!  
If you’re truly not satisfied, we want to make it easy for you to return product.  By eliminating the 15% restocking fee, we think that you’ll be pleased to know there’s no penalty for product return.
As a reminder, the standard rule to return product if you’re not satisfied is within 30 days from product receipt.  Please remember to return it in working order with all original parts and with all plastic protective encasings, all inside the original box. In other words, the product must be in the same condition as it was when you first recei…

Water Works or Electric Company?

Southern California is not new to water development as we have survived and grown because of it.  We have a rich history of pulling natural resources closer so that we may flourish, live the golden life under the sun and potentially get rich.  Mostly, the Colorado River provides us our usable water, but as the population rate is expected to grow, it’s time again to look for other water sources.    

To combat the effects of drought and population growth, the San Diego Water Authority recently developed the Carlsbad Desalination Project. A one-billion-dollar project, the Carlsbad Plant, using reverse-osmosis, will pull in water from the ocean and turn it into drinking water—an expected 50-gallons per day beginning in 2016.  

Currently, a quarter of the project has been completed, with construction workers and equipment tearing up roads, unearthing dirt while replacing it with humongous concrete tubes, and covering up their marks.  We, at San Diego Sign Company, have seen this work up clos…

Finish Chelsea's Run

It’s been only four years since the murder of 17-year-old Chelsea King, a local Poway student whose story made national headlines, but her impact continues to affect many lives to this day. In 2011, Chelsea’s Law passed in California, helping to protect the youth from sexual predators. In raising awareness, Chelsea’s Light Foundation has been created to empower community members and to prolong innocence for children.

Chelsea’s Light Foundation has adopted annually “Finish Chelsea’s Run” 5K run/walk that originally began when community members came together to honor, remember and make change happen because of Chelsea.  As this run has evolved, they have partnered up with the Girls Scouts of San Diego, and together they raise money for scholarships eligible to college-bound kids in San Diego.

Recently, San Diego Sign Company got the opportunity to donate banners and blue custom table throws for the 4th annual Finish Chelsea’s Run 5K run/walk that now takes place in beautiful and histori…