March 12, 2014

Water Works or Electric Company?

Southern California is not new to water development as we have survived and grown because of it.  We have a rich history of pulling natural resources closer so that we may flourish, live the golden life under the sun and potentially get rich.  Mostly, the Colorado River provides us our usable water, but as the population rate is expected to grow, it’s time again to look for other water sources.    

To combat the effects of drought and population growth, the San Diego Water Authority recently developed the Carlsbad Desalination Project. A one-billion-dollar project, the Carlsbad Plant, using reverse-osmosis, will pull in water from the ocean and turn it into drinking water—an expected 50-gallons per day beginning in 2016.  

Currently, a quarter of the project has been completed, with construction workers and equipment tearing up roads, unearthing dirt while replacing it with humongous concrete tubes, and covering up their marks.  We, at San Diego Sign Company, have seen this work up close and personal as it just so happens that the desalination pipeline construction has been on our exact roads to work.

Water is a problem in San Diego, but certainly not in the way it became a problem for us at San Diego Sign Company last Tuesday, March 4, 2014.  You see, the pipeline construction is now on our work street, directly in front of our building.  It’s been headache enough, waiting—car running—for the construction lady controlling traffic to turn her sign from “Stop” to “Slow” so we can enter our parking lot and get to work.  But, on the day aforementioned, no one suspected we would have to deal with an unexpected power outage...coincidence or not?  

Doing what we could without power, (at least we had sunshine!), a few graphic designers and sales representatives went straight to work helping the warehouse do quality inspections of graphic and hardware orders before boxing them up, ready to be stuck with power-needed shipping labels.  Able to “plug” into a wifi hotspot on a co-workers’ iPhone 5, some others gained limited communication with clients by using a few Chromebooks we have up in the office.  Some of us stayed home to work where we had access to power and a computer, until we were notified power was back on.  

With a very late start, getting power back just before 2pm PST, we were all hustling to catch up.  We want you to know that we value your relationship with us, and that we tried our very best to get everything printed, finished and shipped, hoping that it wouldn’t affect you—our customers.  Unfortunately, this affected our East Coast location too.  So, if you were negatively affected, we’re very sorry for any inconvenience.  We understand as the temporary power-outage was very inconvenient, and unexpected, for us as well.

By Victoria Rodriguez

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