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A Little Message About Bleed

If you’re like me when you heard “bleed” for the first time in reference to graphic art, you definitely didn’t envision the same thing as would a seasoned graphic designer.
Your mind’s path may have led you to something more like this:

But graphic art bleed is actually referring to this:

As you can see from this image, bleed has it’s place almost at the paper’s edge.
So, why is bleed so important? It’s because bleed is essentially extra printed material! Bleed is included in the final print file so that the end product will show color edge to edge (not white edges, unless of course your background color is white).
Bleed allows wiggle room for printers because it is subject to shrink by the heat of the heater during the dye sub process. It also allows extra wiggle room during the finishing process as cutters will need to cut off excess material, and seamstresses or seamsters, respectfully, will need material to hem and sew. Bleed may or may not be included in the final product, depending…

What Should I Put in My Trade Show Booth?

You may be asking yourself, “What should I put in my trade show booth?”  And the answer to that of course depends on what size is your booth, how much can you afford to spend on trade show displays, and what it is that you’re showing and selling?  Will you reuse your equipment at some point during this year, or within the next couple of years?  

Even if you only plan on going to one trade show, you might consider investing in some portable trade show displays.  At a trade show, everyone has them.  You don’t want to fill up your booth with too many displays, but you do want your booth to be tidy.  No one wants to walk into a messy store.

For starters, most everyone, if not everyone, has a nice backwall display—so that is a must.  If you can only get one display, get a backwall to put right up against the back booth-divider-wall. So, do you want something curved, or straight?  Maybe you’re looking for a lot of attention. In that case, seriously consider a backlit display. It’s more expen…