February 26, 2014

The Silverstep: Our Best Seller

The Silverstep retractable banner stand is not only one of our best selling products, interestingly, it is our best selling product. Why? Quite frankly, the Silverstep is just really well-made and user-friendly. Particularly, the aluminum metal is lightweight yet sturdy—not flimsy like other banner stands. It’s wide base and adjustable feet provide stability. Stickers on base and pole help guide banner set up. Inside the adjustable aluminum pole is a bungee cord also to help guide pole set up and keep pole parts together so you won’t ever lose half of your pole.

Reusable for future use, the Silverstep’s durable canvas lead won’t rip on the first change out or thereafter. Moreover, the canvas lead has a velcro attachment which enables easy graphic change out. Chrome magnetic end caps make for easy-to-access side panels during graphic installation. The end caps also house the tension pin and add a finished appearance to the Silverstep base. This is also a nice stand if you’re not into the look of perpendicular feet at the base. The presentation of the Silverstep is simply professional and beautiful.

The Silverstep bag, perfect for traveling, has two (2) carrying handles, a shoulder strap, and dual zippers for quick and easy access to your stand. Inside, there are two (2) elastic straps that keep the base secure while traveling, and the lid has three (3) pockets to hold poles and extra banners. The Silverstep bags are available for bases of five (5) sizes: 24”, 33.5”, 36”, 48”, & 60”.

The Silverstep comes in four (4) base width sizes:
  • 24”w for $89 for stand, pole and bag (Add a graphic—heights: 85”, 92”)
  • 36”w for $99 for stand, pole and bag (Add a graphic—heights: 69”, 80”, 92”)
  • 48”w for $119 for stand, 2 poles, and bag (Add a graphic—heights: 69”, 80”, 92”)
  • 60”w for $139 for stand, 2 poles and bag (Add a graphic—heights: 69”, 80”, 92”)

**Click to check out our Tabletop versions of the Silverstep**
***Click to see a video on how to set up your Silverstep***

A few options for the Silverstep:
  • The 24” and 36” base is available in black as well as in traditional silver.
  • The banner graphic is available in super flat vinyl or banner fabric.
  • The top bar attachment is available as clamp or velcro. Only covering about ⅜” of the top of the graphic, the clamp bar is recommended because it’s more stable, perfect for hotter climates, and you probably won’t lose tension, unless you miss a step during change out. The velcro top bar is not ideal for hotter climates as the adhesive may fail by melting off, causing graphics to retract into the base. It is also more susceptible to losing tension by sheer accident; however, the velcro top bar provides a clean look as it doesn’t cover any part of the graphic since the bar is attached on the backside. (Here’s a video how to reset tension in case that happens.)  
  • Accessories Add-ons: $5 for one Silverstep magnetic connector if you would like to link Silverstep bases together to form a larger banner or backdrop. Spotlight your artwork with a black or silver light.   

If you are a person who likes to get the most out of their money, the Silverstep is a great choice. Built as a high-end product, but affordable and reusable, the Silverstep is one of the few products that has a lifetime warranty on hardware. If you’re looking for value and quality, the Silverstep is indubitably the stand to buy. Our mission is to give you, the customer, the tools you need to grow your business’ brand. By offering the Silverstep, we are significantly closer to helping you achieve your goals.

By Victoria Rodriguez

February 20, 2014

What's Your Order Number?

When you are ready to upload your graphics, the upload file form requires you to type information including your order number. So where can you find your order number? Two places: (1) After you submit your sales order, you will see the page reload with a confirmation number; that is your order number. (2) On your confirmation email, you will also see your order number. Just a tip: write down your order number directly after you place your order.  If you’re absolutely unsure about your order number, you can always call to ask a sales associate to help you locate it.

Occasionally, customers think to upload graphics before placing an order, or they assume that that is how to place an order. Going directly to the upload graphic file form requires an order number at which point poses a problem for customers because they haven’t actually received an order number yet. Not knowing what number to put, sometimes customers make up a number. Or sometimes customers use an order number from a previous order because they want an exact duplicate order. Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way—every order is given a new number.

Here is a quick reference for San Diego Sign Company’s order of operations:

  1. Select your product(s) then proceed to checkout, fill out necessary information and submit payment. (You must do this step even if it is the exact duplicate order from before).
  2. Download correct template(s) and adjust your artwork accordingly. (Need more info regarding templates? Read Template Temptations.)
  3. Now upload your graphics by clicking on “Upload File”.

As aforementioned, on the graphic upload file form, you will be asked for the order number. Please enter the correct 5-digit number here as this helps us match your product order to your graphic file.

Also, if you are close enough to either our Carlsbad, California or Harrisburg, Pennsylvania location for pick up, please have your order number ready. This is the most efficient way for us to match you with your product.

By Victoria Rodriguez

February 19, 2014

The Jotter: Keeping Tabs on iPad Tablets

New to our 2014 product line is the Jotter Tablet Display. Unlike other tablet stands, our Jotters have a completely enclosed, key-locked case with a sturdy pole and base. Our Tabletop version can be installed onto a surface that allows screws, like a wooden desk or display.

Placing your iPad in the Jotter stand secures it, gives ergonomic comfort to your clients, and adds attraction by letting others notice your iPad—they’ll want to play with it. The Jotter Stand adds class, comfort, and user-friendliness to your booth or lobby or wherever you plan to encourage engagement using an iPad.

Whether you’re with a customer then have a new customer approach, or you have product/informational videos you wish to share, or you have a presentation you want to clients to see, let your iPad take over engagement momentarily. Use the jotter stand as your interactive forum on-the-go. You’ll be with them in a just a minute.

Employ the iPad as an aid, not a distraction. Organize your apps for easy access. Create a clean professional home screen for easy interaction with your business apps or let customers check out your website directly. Sign people up at your website during your exhibition. Why not give customer’s access to buy your products right on the spot, using the tablet to go online to order?

When engaging a customer, if you can combine showing and telling, you can increase the probability of earning their interest and, ultimately, their retention. Using the iPad is another sales tool, and a fun sales tool, you can add to your toolbelt. Just don’t forget your Jotter Tablet Display to go with it.

By Victoria Rodriguez

February 18, 2014

Template Temptations

Congratulations! You just purchased our super cool newly redesigned toolless Tahoe Twistlock Rack Graphic Package that is now yours to brand yourself. With this completely toolless modular system, you are looking forward to the idea that you won’t be needing tools to piece it together or take it apart. Plus you’re very excited to see your upgraded printed graphics on the included frosted acrylic panels and header, and that you can put your cute new personalized pens and business cards on the included shelves!

So, you left the shopping cart and now you’re thinking you need to upload your artwork, right? Well, yes, but you’re missing a step. Before you upload your artwork, you’ll need to format your artwork using our pre-made templates.

Whether you’re tempted to skip reading the instructions, or it’s sort of confusing to understand, here’s a little bit of information as to why it is imperative you use a template, and how to use it properly.

Each banner stand or display has its own template. And, each template has already been designed to ensure perfect sizing for a snug display fit. Our templates are part of our system of how we do things here, so please make sure to choose the correct template for your display of choice before you start adjusting your artwork or uploading it.

Let's do a run-through, using the Tahoe Twistlock Rack as our example: 

To begin searching for your template, look toward the right hand side of our website where you’ll see colorful tabs under “Graphic Support”. Click on the orange Template/Specs tab. Now, you will see a grouping of the display categories under the heading “Trade Show Product Template Index”. For the Tahoe Twistlock Rack, you should click on Tahoe Modular Displays to bring you directly to the correct template section. From this point, you will find Twistlock Rack and then click on the adobe acrobat pdf image under the column “Template” to open the template. Download and begin using this template as a guideline.

Things to be mindful of:
  • Bleed; if bleed is included on template, include it in your art file.
  • The Yellow Area; keep important information in the yellow area as the area beyond it is subject to getting cut or covered (depending on the display).
  • Use the templates; don’t make up your own size; don’t figure the graphic dimensions from the product dimensions; don’t figure the graphic dimensions from the graphic dimensions shown under the product description.
  • Use the templates (No, not a typo--just a friendly reminder:))

Remember, if you ever need help, our graphic design team is the most knowledgeable division of our staff to answer any template questions you may have. We’re just a call away! Ask to speak to the graphics department (888) 748-7446

By Victoria Rodriguez

February 17, 2014

How to Order a Custom Size Print

Wondering if you can just order a custom size print for your artwork? You can! San Diego Sign Company is more than equipped to print what you need! Here’s how to place your order:

To order your custom size print, click on the Printing tab. Peruse through the materials we offer, and then click on the material’s picture to select your material of choice.

You will see a drop down menu that says “Custom Size”. Skip this box, and go straight to the “Qty.” box in which you will see the number “1”. At this point, you will want to figure out the square footage of what print size you will need.

For example, let’s say you are looking to purchase a custom size 13oz scrim vinyl banner for your kid’s little league team. The banner size you want is 4ft. width by 2.5ft. height. What should you put in the “Qty.” box? 

You figure it like this:
4ft. x 2.5ft.=10sq.ft.
So, input “10” in the box. Then add to cart.

Here’s another example. You need a different graphic for your Silverstep retractable banner stand. You’re interested in fab-ban this time around because you’re curious about the look of printed fabric. You need 36” width x 80” height custom size. What should you put in the “Qty.” box? 

You figure it like this:
36in. x 80in. =2880sq.in./144=20sq.ft.
So, input “20” in the box. Then add to cart.

You might be wondering where or when can you add graphic notes or add finishing items? You can do it at two points during the buying process. (1) After you add to cart and enter your billing and shipping information, you can add pertinent information in the “Order Comments” section. (2) Preferably, once you upload your graphics, you can add that extra information in the “Notes/Comments/Requests” section. Our sales representatives will see your order notes, and make sure our graphics department and/or production department will know what you need to satisfy your order.

Hope this helps! Any other questions, live chat us or call at (800) 748-7446.

By Victoria Rodriguez

February 13, 2014

PVC vs. Laminate

For our Pop Up Trade Show Displays, you can choose between laminate and PVC material for your graphics. But how do you know which material to choose? Let us help guide you in the right direction with this bit of explanation.  

At San Diego Sign Company, we do a cold-process laminate in which we print on titanium film and then cold roll the laminate on top. The protective laminate layer creates more of a matte finish, dulling the colors. Please note that laminate has a greater color shift than PVC, meaning the colors may not match. And with twice as much material, laminate is much more expensive.

PVC does not include a covering layer, allowing colors to look their very best. Our PVC is matte as well, but with just a slight luster. If you’re looking for vivid, bold colors for your graphics, PVC is an excellent choice. Also, PVC is printed with UV-curable ink whereas laminate is inkjet printed.

Though both materials have about the same thickness, PVC is a much more economical purchase over laminate. But, it all depends on what you’re looking for and what you like.

Now that you have a little bit more information to help you choose, let’s talk about defects that can happen. Occasionally, bending occurs and/or edges can ding on both materials which can be a bummer. Murphy’s Law states this will happen to you as soon as you take it out of the package. Believe me, this happens to me all the time when I get something new—I scuff my 2-week-old shoe on a concrete step or I drip oily pizza grease onto my brand-new white blouse. Oh, I get it.

Luckily, we have some uplifting news to share about how to handle your PVC or laminate panels. Here’s some simple care advice for when your package arrives and for the long run:

You’ll take it out the opposite way we package it up. So, first, take to the floor, table or any other flat surface so you can lay out the panels horizontally. Unwrap the bubble wrap, and gently roll out the panels on the flat surface. Remove the plastic sleeve (bag) from each panel. Don't rip them off because you'll want to keep the bubble wrap and plastic sleeves for later. (You’ll slip the plastics sleeves back onto the panels, just as you would if you collect(ed) comic books, hoping to keep them in “mint condition”.) Once the panels are laid out horizontally, you’re ready to hang them vertically, using the hanging hardware, onto your display of choice.

When your event is over and you’re ready to go home, pack up your materials in the opposite order you set up. If you’re reshipping the panels, make sure to wrap them back up in bubble wrap and put them back in the case or box they came in. For best results and longevity, always remember to handle with care.

By Victoria Rodriguez

February 12, 2014

Double Down on a Double-Sided Display

If you’re thinking of choosing a double-sided display, take heed before you buy; know where you are planning to place it. While you plan out your display construction, there are a few options you might consider. Let San Diego Sign Company help to broaden your outlook on whys and ways to use a double-sided display.

Why order a double-sided display? Well, of course, the obvious—it can be seen from either direction, depending on which way you’re walking by. When you’re out next time, notice that double-sided retractable banner stands are commonly placed at mall kiosks, store entrances, on sidewalks, and in lobbies or reception areas. Any open space is quite conducive for double-sided signage. What’s cool, too, is that you only need one frame to display either two different images or one image seen in either direction, giving you more bang for your buck.

Another reason is for a fresh look at a two-day event. This works especially well with a larger frame, like any backwall. Check out our lines of Aspens, Mammoths, EZ Tubes, Ready Pops, or RPLs to start brainstorming. What you can do is get two different graphics, one for each side. Showcase one image on the first day, and for your next exhibiting day, simply take your backwall and turn it around. Exhibitors from the day before might even notice something different and come back to ask you what’s up? It might be helpful to know, too, that the more repetitions, spaced out over time, aids memory. In business, the more your name sticks with someone, the more likely they’ll think of you next time. In the words of Martha Stewart, “It’s a good thing.”

Instead of the options aforementioned, maybe you’d prefer to use a double-sided display as a separation wall, while still showing your company’s advertisement or message. Before deciding if this is the display construction you imagine, please be aware of rules and regulations at trade shows as every venue is different.  

Whether you’re torn between two graphics, but don’t want to purchase two displays, or you don’t have the room for two displays, or you don’t have the money to purchase an extra display, choosing a double-sided display is a helpful solution.

By Victoria Rodriguez