January 26, 2015

Let Me Hear You Scrim!!!!

Our 13oz Scrim Vinyl banners meet the National Fire Product Association (NFPA) standard 701 for Flame Resistant Textiles. As such, they require special care. 

  1. When not in use, never store in heat. It will crack.
  2. Store in a cool, dry place.
  3. To store, roll it up. You can roll it around any tube, if that’s easier.
  4. Do not fold or crumple your scrim banner. It will cause permanent crease marks.  
  5. Do not launder.

New January Products!

EZ Tube 20ft. Straight
Our new 20ft EZ Tube Straight is the perfect backwall solution for your 20ft. booth! It also works wonderfully as a barrier wall. Choose white or black fabric for the backside, or choose front and back custom graphics for use as a double-sided display.

Sometimes you just need something smaller! Circle, Square and Triangle Hanging Banners are now available in 5' diameter/lengths. We have also added 60" and 72" heights for most diameters/lengths sizes for Circle, Square and Triangle Hanging Banners.   

More new products to come! Check our website in the next couple of weeks.

January 13, 2015

Care & Storage Tips: Stock Table Throw with Color Logo

Stock Table Throw with Color Logo

Our poly-cotton blend Stock Table Throws meet the National Fire Product Association (NFPA) standard 701 for Flame Resistance. As such, they require special care.

  1. Never use bleach* and never dry clean.
  2. Always wash on the delicate cycle, using cold water and mild soap.
  3. Tumble dry, using low to medium heat.
  4. Remove wrinkles by applying a cool iron or fabric steamer on the backside of the fabric to best protect graphic logo.
  5. Fabric must be completely dry prior to storing and kept in a cool, dry place; never store inside a plastic bag.

*Need to remove a stain? Remove a stain the way our head seamstress recommends:

First, get Shout Triple-Acting stain remover. Then, spray modestly on a separate piece of fabric or terry cloth. Use that fabric or terry cloth to rub into the stain on the table throw until it disappears. Done! No need for washing.  

Custom Commercial & Corporate Artwork

Aspen Fabric Frames can be wall decor in your office, store or even your home! In corporate environments, canvas is the most common form of wall decor. However, Aspen Fabric Frames serve the same purpose, offer a different look and are relatively less expensive. Fabric is printed using the dye sublimation printing process and finished with silicone-edging (SEG). Aspen frames are equipped for SEG and allow for graphics to be swapped out anytime you want! Starting with widths and heights of 2ft., Aspens can be customized up to widths or heights of 10ft. at 1ft. increments.

Use stock images or create your own design. Our graphic designers can help* you if you lack artist flare or Photoshop knowledge. Or, get your favorite artwork or pictures custom printed. There are so many creative ways to decorate the walls using the Aspen fabric frames. What’s more is that the graphics are backed by a one year warranty and Aspen frames are backed by a lifetime warranty.

At San Diego Sign Company, we have decorated our entire office building using Aspen frames. Since we moved to a new location, each graphic designer in our graphics department gets to, again, design their own graphic for a 3ft. x 4ft. Aspen frame, which will hang on the walls side-by-side. This time their theme is cartoon or comic book characters using only four colors—Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and BlacK. Should look pretty cool! (Themes before included movies and TV shows.)

*Graphic Design rate is $65/hour with a half-hour minimum. Most jobs take 1-3 hours.