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Color a La Modes: CMYK vs. RGB

Physics class high school senior year is when I first learned about the color spectrum and how light gets absorbed, reflected and transmitted. My teacher, Mr. Eklund, was very knowledgable and had a spirit like Bill Nye the Science Guy. I mean, the guy built his own hovercraft! He made it out of his lawnmower. Moreover, he’d bring it to school each year and let his students take turns riding on it through the hallway!

He loved showing us experiments. Every week, we’d enter class and he’d have a new experiment ready to go, treating us like we were his audience enjoying a show rather than teaching us like the rote learners we American kids are typically trained to be. So when we were learning about colors, sure he told us that natural sunlight produces white light and is actually the combination of all the colors. But then, he showed us.

When the ceiling projector illuminated on the white pull-down screen, we saw three colored circles appear: red, green and blue (RGB). These are the pri…