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New Arrivals 2015 - Displays

At San Diego Sign Company, we have all sorts of displays to use for your tangible marketing efforts. Take a look at our 16 categories of displays to see that we have displays to use in many environments including: trade shows (booths, entryways, directional); brick-and-mortar stores and dealerships (walls and ceilings); schools, universities & sporting events (fences, fields outdoor booths); etc. Every year, we add more products to selected categories that we’re sure you will love and will help you achieve a professional, polished look for your brand.

Let’s take a closer look at a few of our new products we added for your ideal selection.

EZ Extend Displays

The EZ Extend is the latest in our EZ Tube fabric displays and is a new favorite among customers. Simple to setup, the EZ Extend is a stylish freestanding display with comparable widths and heights of a retractable banner stand. It’s steel base acts as a floor anchor and the stand itself can be set up in just a few minutes using only a small allen wrench to connect bottom tubes to base and snap-button locks to connect remaining tubes together. The easy-to assemble display also boasts a dye-sublimated stretch fabric pillowcase-style graphic print, available for single- or double- sided. When ordered as a single-sided display, you have your choice of white or black back fabric. 

EZ Fabric Counter Displays

Another new subcategory to the EZ Tube line includes 3 curved versions of the EZ Fabric Counter: Curved Single, Curved Double and S-Shape, designed with space, style and width in mind. Push button snaps connect the lightweight aluminum frames together. All three styles are available in packages complete with one fully customizable stretch fabric graphic print that covers the entire counter. These fully-enclosed units use a pillowcase graphic which unzips to provide easy access to convenient storage space located within the display. Featuring frosted, see-through acrylic countertops, your graphics are visible from the front, back, sides, and through countertop.

Aspen Onyx Displays

Finally, let's take a look at the Aspen Onyx in the Fabric Frames category. The look of a simple picture frame with fabric graphics adds class and style to your showroom. The steel base and black frame is what makes the Onyx different from the rest of the Aspens. Available in widths of 2', 3', 4', and 5', by heights of 6', 7', or 8', also comparable to a retractable banner stand and, now, also an EZ Extend, the Aspen Onyx frame is a freestanding display. Additionally, LED lights available in both black and silver and in 2 sizes can easily be added to your Aspen fabric frame display for that extra "wow" factor.

You may be wondering, what are the differences between EZ Extend and the Aspen Onyx? Both rectangular, EZ Extend has a rounder look because of it’s tubular nature whereas Aspen Onyx has a sharper look because of it’s straight edges. Both dye-sublimated, the fabric graphic of the EZ Extend is sewn as one entire piece and finished with a zipper whereas because the Aspen Onyx is a double-sided SEG extrusion, the front and back fabric graphics are sewn individually and finished with silicone-edging. 

As always, we stand behind all of our products. All of the products featured in this article come with a lifetime warranty on the frame and a one year warranty on graphic prints. We hope you find that perfect display that fits your needs. San Diego Sign Company is here to help with all your signage needs.

Call us today at (888) 748-7446 if you need help finding a display that’s right for you!


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