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Happy Thanksgiving 2016

From all of us at San Diego Sign Co., we'd like to wish you a very happy Thanksgiving!

This Thanksgiving:

May your all-time favorite dish be served. May you get a good seat at the table. May there be an abundance of yummy desserts and an absence of fruitcake.

If you're going out-of-town for Thanksgiving, we hope you have safe travels. If you're hosting Thanksgiving, we hope everything goes smoothly.

Now for the giving of thanks:

Thank you for being a loyal San Diego Sign Co. customer. Business is a two-way street, and we enjoy sharing it with you!

And also, for anyone who reads my blogs, thank you! I might not be the best at it, but I try to provide relevant or fun messages for you!

Have a safe, relaxing and enjoyable Thanksgiving. Thank you again!